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Oil Pastel Set POP Series
Item No: POP11B12,POP11B24,POP11B36,POP11B48
Material: Oil color, pigment
Size: (11 mm × 70 mm, 12PCs), (11 mm × 70 mm, 24PCs), (11 mm × 70 mm, 36PCs), (11 mm × 70 mm, 48PCs)
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 dozens
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Detailed Description For Oil Pastel Set POP Series

Students can draw vibrant illustrations with these large Oil Pastels. These oil pastels are perfect for older or more advanced students. They are intense in color and particularly soft and pleasant to use, not just on paper and board but also on wood or earthenware.

Talens includes many of the same single pigment colors found in professional brands, but at a more economcial price. Individual pastels are round with paper sleeves and measure (11 mm × 70 mm, 12PCs), (11 mm × 70 mm, 24PCs), (11 mm × 70 mm, 36PCs), (11 mm × 70 mm, 48PCs), there are Set of 12 Colors, Set of 24 Colors, Set of 36 Colors, Set of 48 Colors. They handle, blend, and clean easily.

Like all oil pastels, our oil pastels do not readily break and can be used on virtually any surface. They're ideal for quick sketching and student use. As one Oil pastel supplier, our Oil pastel factory produce and export series of oil pastels, oil pastel set.

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